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  • Stick ·

    I ended up removing the small retainer at the bottom of the box, and when I made a new strap for the battery, it used the top hole, where the clip use to be, and went all the way down to the lowest mounting point for the battery box.

    I made the strap out of ABS plastic, and just "heat-formed" 90 degree corners in it. Almost looked like factory when it was done! I've used the same ABS plastic to make mudflaps for some of my "nicer" cars....
    superpimp ·

    I saw on and old post that you used a bigger battery in your ST at one time.
    You said the battery had a depth of 3 inchs demanding a battery box modification.
    Can you explain to me what you did ? cause i just bought a Westco 12v20P wich is big as the original battery, but his 3 inchs in depth.So it doesn't fit in the battery box because of the little plastic notche at the bottom that usualy holds the battery in place.
    So i was wondering how yours was setup.
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