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  1. OZ wheels - gonna' pull the trigger

    I'm a fan of Gold myself. My Marchesini's are probably way more subtle than the OZ gold. But on a red duc I feel it's mandatory :D Looking forward to seeing the finished product with the silver installed.
  2. A few pics of my 900ss ie

    Found a cool spot on the way to the IMOC gathering in Massachusetts yesterday so I stopped and snapped a few pics of my 900.
  3. anyone tried clipons straight onto the forks?

    As opposed to clip-ons that go where? :confused:
  4. flat brimmed hats make you look like a d-bag/tool?

    Chit Chat
    Maybe everyone's dislike has more to do with the soul patch then the hat, JLo seems to be able to get away with it.
  5. flat brimmed hats make you look like a d-bag/tool?

    Chit Chat
    You're criticizing a guy that has chicks falling all over him. You go to a MotoGP weekend in the states and every woman has Hayden branding somewhere on them. Maybe you should all start wearing your hat like that :D
  6. Supersport Pictures - Let's See 'Em

    My new 900ss. Ohlins Rear Shock, Remus Titanium Pipes, Showa Superbike Forks, Stunning Lightweight Marchesini Mag Wheels, Floating Rotors, Carbon Hugger and Air Ducts, and all sorts of other awesomeness.
  7. new members

    Welcome and Introduction
    Hey new here