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  • Dezion69 ·
    Hey JC,

    My Paul Smart has the tank spread problem, but its only about 1/8" -1/4" inch of warp in it - so not so bad as some of the others Ive read. I got myself some Caswell Epoxy and Im beginning the coating process.

    My question to you is ...... The drying time you speak of that cured the tank back to original shape ...... was that the drying period just after you washed out the gas, or are you referring to the dry time after you coat with the epoxy resin?

    Also, are we supposed to remove both bleeder valves on the underside of the tank?

    Thanks, TgR
    riggermyjig ·
    hello, is this thing working? testing 1 2 3... Hi, m name is Marc and I'm a fist timer.lol. I really am. I am the proud owner of a '08 sport 1000. I got it with most of the bells and whistles but I will lov to add the upgraded folks.steering damper and if possible a dry clutch. What do you recommend.
    dudecati1000 ·
    Your the man! thanks so much for the quick reply.the service you do here for the fellow sporters is the only thing keeping me going. I just went downstairs to double check the situation,and the rubber stoppers on the tank are definately clear of the bracket by and 1/8. I guess i didnt notice it because the tank bag straps i have on keep it fastened a bit. also its an "s" model and i have the fairing which also seems to support it a bit so its not like the tank is flyin off or anything. and theres no visible paint bubbles or cracks as of now.
    thanks again my friend for your support
    Baddxample ·

    Your my man with the "Master Plan"...
    Any recommendations for front end turn signal indicators...?
    ie.. Rizoma...etc???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    S. George
    Hndymn ·
    Thanks for that JC. I'm thinking I'll send the tank off to you this week. Where do I send it?

    - Michael
    Hndymn ·
    Greetings JC,
    I just got a replacement tank for my 06 sport 1000 and am thinking I ought to get it coated. It's still in the box at my dealer and he's waiting for me to decide what I want to do. It's a bike I just recently picked up, an 06 with only 300 miles on the clock. It's my 2nd 06 sport. The first is running strong , currently @ 36k miles and on it's 3rd tank. What are your thoughts on the coating?
    Thanks, Michael
    dudecati1000 ·
    jc,yesterday i started a new thread questioning the sport being made in china. I saw you commented on it and so did many others. before i knew it there was 7 pages of comments about the subject. but today when i got on the site i cant find it. its like it disapeared into thin air. does ducatims take things off the site if they think its not a good topic? kinda wierd. maybe its my pc acting up..?
    dudecati1000 ·
    J.C. I put the waten blinkers on the front of my sport. there beautiful and really bright.
    probably the best after market choice ive seen for our bikes. and im not to mechanical but i had my stock blinkers and the watens off and on in 15 minutes. also thanks for the info on jethot. Im with you about the bh ducati cats. ever since i bought the bike there is there any reason i need to go there for service? does it matter? id rather go to pro italia. just didnt know if certain things needed to be honored where you bought it for warranty issues. thanks again.dudecati
    northsouth ·
    JC- I want to order a 14 T countershaft for an 08 Hyper, but was wondering if there are any concerns in doing this mod. More chance of snapping the chain?
    dudecati1000 ·
    jc.met you a couple times out at pro italia.its nice theres a guy out there that keeps the sport classic line alive. you of course are very informed and i wanted to ask you a question that seems to have a few school of thoughts. I bought these fresco slip on pipes for my sport that i read about on the forum. the price was right and researched a bit and found they seem legit. my question is do i need to get any other aftermarket devices or do anything before popping these on? some guys say no prob slip em on,others are your crazy,you gotta have the ecu the fat duc..airbox changed etc...whats the real lowdown here? you have any idea? much appreciate your knowledge on the matter. if you get this in time.guy webster is opening his museum in ojai tommmorow to a bunch of guys riding out of santa barbara ducati. thanks for your time. chris
    RedRooster ·
    Hey JC; What's up haven't talked to you in a while hope all is well. Hey I've got a question about selling here in this site. I've created some vinyl stickers that I would like to sell check them out. let know what the deal is about selling stuff here.
    BlackSport ·
    Finally finished sealing my tank yesterday. That was alot of work, in hindsight it would have been easier just sending it to you. The first coat didn't come out as good as I would have liked, but we thinned the mixture a little for the second coat and it spread much better.
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