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  • muzzmann ·

    Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. I only check my pm's and tonite saw I had a list of mssgs from members on my profile page . The best solution I found is as posted ....the tapered screw in my opinion is not as good an idea as what we did. I removed the plug , ball and spring . Then drop the ball bearing back in and made a bolt just long enuf to hold the ball tightly against the case. I have been using this for a year with no issues. The tapered plug that comes with the 848 dry clutch conversion kit theoretically would spread the case a bit whereas the ball pressed tight by a bolt against the opening seems like a more efficient solution.

    The next motor I do I will weld the hole shut. Cant beat that :0)

    Ciao !

    SM70 ·
    Hi Stephano,

    Sorry about the delay. You are my first message!

    My surname is Marino. Folks were born is Sicilia
    muzzmann ·
    Hey Stefano...I see you last initial is M...not for Muzz is it ?? I know there is a distant family connection in Australia ..that would be weird !

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