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  • xemaliaris ·
    I asked this question in a thread, but want to be sure I can get an answer...
    Can you please tell me what the size of the screws for the hugger are? I have heard they are the same as that of the heat guard but I want to make sure to get the correct screws.
    I want to try to pick them up from the local hardware shop.
    skulldudes ·
    Hey dude, I saw you had the dual Termi's on your hypermotard with the cat delete. What cat delete did you use? Would I have to get the ECU from the "full exhaust", instead of the ECU from the "slip-on"?
    DrJ ·
    What years Hypermotards does your rear carbon fiber chain guard fit? Are all year Hypermotard chain guards the same? Don't want to order the wrong part...
    slasha ·
    eh mate
    re the diavel-do you know if dave is 'rewriting' the ecu's or is he simply 'flashing' them with the rexxer fix?
    ccemn1 ·
    Guido, I live in Ft. Myers, FL. I have a 2008 Hypermotard 1100-S, that I have a full Termi 2-1 kit on. I also just bought a PC-V and MWR air box top & filter for it. Can you please reccomend a good mechanic in the SWFL area, who has a Dyno & can do a custom map for me? I was told you're the man to talk to in that area. I'm originally from NJ and had Eraldo Ferracci (Fast by Ferracci) do a map on my Aprilia Factory, netting 140 HP & smooth, flat torque all the way up. I was very satisfied with his work & would like to find some equal talent in SWFL.
    Thanks in advance! CC
    slasha ·
    gday ST.
    mate can i ask you, i dont like much the headlight on the diavel-but i really like the streetfighter headlight-are you in a posiiton to have a look and maybe using yr carbon cover for the streetfighter see if i would be able to mod that light/section onto my diavel?
    thanks heaps...
    slasha ·
    gday mate. tell me, would you attach an auto-tune to the PCV on the diavel or leave it as is?
    mine has a werkes slip on with the pcv from dave at redline-i'm in australia and ive been getting all manner of sht from the local Dynojet agent having bought it from America..they didnt like that so there not bein very helpful!!!!
    motomigs ·
    Hello Guido my name is Migs and im local right here in miami.
    I wanted to ask you if you guys ever made the integrated light "plug and play kit"?

    Also if i order can i pick up from you directly? Someone told me I could order and pick up from Ducati Miami. Whats better business for you?

    zwampy ·
    I saw your Termignoni system for the Streetfighter. I was wondering which Termi pipe you ended up using? Is it the Y077 or the S058. Did the inlet match up to the SF pipe or did you have to do some tapering of the stock pipe?

    Thank you for your time !
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