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  • eurico ·
    Hello Larry.
    I read your posts whenever they pop up on threads of my interest and I find them excellent writting. As such, I would ask your kind help to solve my problem.
    I own a bog stock '02 998 in very good condition with ~13k miles. Compression is OK showing 12 bar on both cold cylinders. Valves where checked and done 1k miles ago and set to lowest clearance. Timing is correct with OEM belts set at 110 Hz. Everything else seems good. However, my bike only does ~100 hp. I presume this because I cannot pass a friend's stock '99 VFR800 and never saw more than 9k revs in 5th or 6th gear. I have asked a dealer to test the ECU that was checked OK by mounting it on a 2005 Matrix that seemingly went to 280 km/h! What gives???
    Also, I cannot get both cylinders to burn equally at or around idle. (H) is always richer (8% or above) than (V) (~4%). Everything in the fuel/ignition system is either new or tested...
    Any and all help is much appreciated.
    Kind regards from Portugal

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