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  1. What have you done to/with your SS today?

    Replaced the original Brembo pads with Brembo sintered pads front and back. Wow, What a difference. And the rear brake can actually now stop the bike.
  2. Buying a 916

    Thanks all again. Went 100km to see the bike just to get a cancellation on sms 2km from the sellers adress, because he had a brake in in his house during the night and had completely forgotten our appointment. Bummer! But hard to be mad at someone who have had a brake in. No mentioning, though...
  3. Buying a 916

    Thanks all for your valuable inputs. I will be looking at it today and will see if some of the decals have been added by the owner himself.
  4. Buying a 916

    Well, the one I’m looking at seems to have Ducati on the side of the tank and not only “916” on the tail. Seems to be a mismatch. Maybe seller added some decals on his own.
  5. Buying a 916

    Thanks for the reply. I have received another picture, and there seems only to be a “Ducati” decal on each side the top part of the tank. Are you sure NO decals were on the tank? Thanks.
  6. Buying a 916

    I’m looking at buying this more or less standard 916, 22,000km and complete service history (see pic). It is supposedly a 98 model year. Does the fairing and graphics correlate with a 98 model year? Thanks.
  7. 800ss - Anyone Try 15/45 Sprocket Setup?

    Yes, I still need to feather the clutch at low speed, just not as much as before. Especially in smaller roundabouts. Gearing seems fine for motorway driving, though, approx. 120 km/h at 4000 rpm. 200 km/h at approx. 7000 rpm.
  8. 800ss - Anyone Try 15/45 Sprocket Setup?

    On my 900SSie I went from the standard 15/40 to 15/43 also based on the many very positive feedbacks, but to be honest I did not feel that significant a change. Maybe if I went back to std. gearing the change would be more evident and I did change over winter, so I did not ride the gearings...
  9. Single front rotor on some 750s .. ???

    No 750SSie’s had an alu swingarm or adjustable suspension, they all had a steel swingarm and non-adjustable forks. The 750SSie has the full Brembo Goldline brakesystem as the 900SSie including two front discs. The 750 Sport had matt black paint and was missing the full Brembo Goldline brake...
  10. Smoother low revs.

    You can run your 900SSie smoothly below 2000rpm?
  11. Alternate fairing(s) that fit 900ssie?

    I think it’s just plastic.
  12. Favourite pic of your SS

    My 2002 900SSie
  13. Suspension/geometry/poor handling issue, can you help?

    Your Öhlins shock, was that a new unit or used? If used, does it need a rebuild, is it in perfect working order?
  14. Does this clutch technique work?

    Tech Forum
    I have an open cover, and it collects no dust at all (obviously). Before I had the standard closed cover and was amazed of how much dust was accumulated just after a few rides.
  15. What have you done to/with your SS today?

    Wheelies now seem easier to do.