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  • Cudacharger ·
    Hey Rockettman,

    I was looking at picking up a diavel soon and seems you have a few duc's in your stable.....how do you like the bike so far? I'm currently on a 08 1100S moded hyper and love the bike.....just looking for a longer distance machine fuel wise and Sunday canyon carver as well. How does it compare to your Mutli? I was thinking either the Mutli PP or Diavel.....I'm leaning towards the Diavel the ultimate would to have both but I don't want to ditch the hyper.

    Thanks in advance.
    Rdaglock ·
    Hey Brother...new to the Ducati family (just bought a Pikes Peak) and to the forum. I am also a 40 year old who finally decided to teach myself how to play the drums (hence the note) although as I like to tell people, I have been playing some wicked air drums for 30 years. i started hacking about 2 years ago(decided then on going with some Roland V-drums for various reasons). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I checked out a few of your videos on your Rockett DrumWorks sets, and really respect what your doing there, especially the American Made focus...bad ass bro. I may be progressing to a point now where I am ready to pull the trigger on an acoustic set, and will certainly give your folks a ring when I do.

    BTW, love your black Multi dude...nice choice! These bikes are truly amazing. I just ordered an 848 EVO too to keep it company in the garage. (i have been bit by the Ducati bug bad)

    Later brother...be safe.

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