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    HI Rainman,
    I did a mistake with a new post of mine, I deleted the content because I was unable to remove the post. I think one of Administrators will remove it!
    Regards, Robert
    dblugly ·
    Hi my man...I just got a Rossi GP11 replica paint job on my '09 1198S..Scott Moore of Fastfinishpainting.com did it..Scott lives up the street from me in the Birmingham AL area. He paints for several AMA race teams, Kevin Schwantz, and the Barber Museum. He does awesome work! (and the decals on the windscreen are correct, not like the bike in Person of Interest..the dude had them reversed..must have used the model of the bike..they are wrong on the model). I just joined this forum, and am trying to upload some pix of the bike..Merry Christmas!...
    BIGJB ·
    I am asking for permission to post in the classified area. I have read the rule and now meet the criteria. Thanks for your time
    ducdude1098s ·
    Hello, is there a way to edit a comment I made in a thread topic I started? I'd really like to remove the comment I made on October 31st at 1:15pm in permalink #22 of the "Mechanics lien" chat topic. The sentence I would like to delete is "I've even got still got the parts lists of the products they sell that they buy from other companies and then resell themselves with the actual costs and mark-up costs etc.."
    Or just delete all of permalink #22 please...
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Christian aka. ducdude1098s
    [email protected]
    goldenjosh ·
    Excuse me,
    I joined today in order to post a question about a friend's ducati 750ss, but i've been unable to create any posts and now the "New Topoc" icon is gone. Is there any reason this would happen?
    desmo796 ·
    Hi Rainman,

    I would like to kindly ask what would be the average duration between forum sign up and new member release for posting on the board? :) I have a Hypermotard on the cusp of a purchase and need to find a member near the Dayton Ohio area that might let me demo his/her bike.

    At 6'4" and 245lbs, it may be underpowered and under sprung.
    My 09 CBR1000 is fine. I really want this bike but need the final
    analysis to weigh my decision. Thank you

    Rainman ·
    Well Dr, maybe you should try reading the rules? You need to post in the Intro section first....or use you search function on "can't post"....
    EagleFan848 ·

    There is guy that posted a Ducati 996 on April 5 2011 for 2,002, it was listed as Ocean City NJ. My father tried to contact him via email, he now says the bike is in Texas, and says motorcycle.com will handle the transaction of the bike. Those motorcycle.com perform these services? I didn't see anything. We suggested Paypal, and he wants Western Union, with us saying the money is for a relative. I believe this is a scam, as the guy will only communicate via email, and now says his son is now in Greece and his father is handling the transaction. Please have this removed, before someone else gets scammed.


    Dark_Daddy ·
    Hey bro, how are you? I came back to sell my duc.. :( Hope you and your family are well.

    Please put the word on the street for me if you know anyone that's looking for a good deal on a nice bike.

    Take care,

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