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  • Rubber_Duc ·
    I use to fly Lear Jets part 135 but quit a few years ago. Also fly King Air 350's, 21 passages Metroliners and a bunch of single and multi engine fixed wing aircraft.
    cb4265 ·
    Good question, my guess is that both the Ducati & Honda would like softer carcasses as they struggle to get heat therefore grip into the stiffer ones. As for the Street Fighter tyres it would depend on the type of riding you do, I run PR3's on my ST2. Cheers, Craig
    nyckreyna ·
    Thanks again on the complaments. Went and checked out the Monster on youtube. All i have to say is wow nice bike beautiful. Love the custom powder coating you got done. Too bad you dont live in my neck of the woods or we'd be riding buddies for sure. Keep up the great custom work. She really is a beautiful bike.
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