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  1. 1993 Supermono Bike Porn

    ... which is why I'm always amazed that the same people who drool over this bike hate so hard on the SS design from 99 on. I personally love both. :D
  2. Custom Clutch Cover Contest

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Did the guy who did the see through wet clutch cover enter? Too bad if he didn't, he did a great job.
  3. My 2001 900ss i.e. is having an issue. Help!!

    I had a similar problem like this on my 800SS. If you're desparate, give this a try: Use the security system override to try and start the bike. The one where you use your PIN and enter it with the throttle. If the bike starts up, your key/antenna may be bad. Or worse your ECU has died...
  4. Non-duc commuter bike

    Chit Chat
    Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm definately leaning towards the FJR and VFR styles, especially since the hard bags could be useful. I'll let you guys know what I end up getting after a few test drives. ;)
  5. Non-duc commuter bike

    Chit Chat
    I guess I'm slightly confused about windshield. How can those little things divert the air, but the touring shield on my SS not help much at all? :confused: I think the FJR/XJR from Yamaha are certainly on the radar, I saw a 2006 FJR with only 8000 miles for around $6500 so those yammy would...
  6. Non-duc commuter bike

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    I'd like to keep it around $5000 since it will be functional. This is plus or minus $1000. I'm not opposed to any bike brand, but didn't Buell go out of business afer HD bought them? I'm always concerned about parts being available for discontinued brands.
  7. Non-duc commuter bike

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    Hey all. Don't yell at me, I used the search function with these terms and only came up with Duc centric commuter discussions. I'm interested in getting a low-maintenance bike for my 60 mi/day commute. All highway at speeds of 50-80 (Florida rt 75, gotta keep up with traffic). I have a...
  8. Saw a Diavel today

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Do you get a discount because the bike is damaged? :D Anyways, haterz gonna hate. I just think it's funny they think anyone cares about their opinion! :P
  9. Bi-xenon HID projector retrofit for 900SSie

    Thanks for the front shot photo! I love this setup. Maybe there's a way to cut the lens part off of the old light and stick it back where it belongs or have someone fab the exact shape in red/black plastic with the whole cutout. Gonna have to think about what to do. :think:
  10. Bi-xenon HID projector retrofit for 900SSie

    But this actually fits and works in the stock upper fairing? If so, that is awesome and I need to have one! :D
  11. 800ss members?

    Bought my 800 about 3 years ago with 53 miles on it at a yamaha dealership!! Needless to say I got a good deal since they didn't want the bike in the showroom taking eyes off of the rice rockets. First season, the tank line must have been blocked because my tank imploded. Local Duc dealership...
  12. 800ss members?

    Not many of us since so many buy the ugly square bikes :D
  13. I know i will be hated but...

    It's interesting for sure. But Ducati beat you to it--the new Diavel is out :D
  14. Screws vibrating out. Really?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Thanks for the input guys. I've never had this happen before, but then again, I've never owned a Duc before this one either! Sounds like blue loc is the way to go on these things, including cosmetics. Rodericb: The particular ones I bought have a rubber grip area that extends all around...
  15. DIAVEL pics from Milan.

    Betcha it looks better in person... like a MTS :P