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  1. 998 rebuild

    The aluminum expansion tank is good. I have one on my 996.
  2. tell us about your last ride...

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I rode my 996 115 miles yesterday around the Ozark hills. Ran great, if not a bit warm, but then don't all the 9x6 bikes run a bit warm? Really, the only annoying thing was riding up on either Harleys or SUVs in the hills. I ran my favorite section of roads a couple of times. It was a great...
  3. Hello all! New to Ducati ownership!

    Welcome and Introduction
    Welcome! and best of luck!
  4. Brad-in-STL here

    Welcome and Introduction
    Niiiiiice! Welcome!
  5. Good Evening from Los Angeles!

    Welcome and Introduction
    Hi there! Congrats on the new ride. Enjoy!
  6. I chose this red ST3s sunday

    Sport Touring
  7. What Have You Done To Your SuperBike Today?

    Wow, vanduc996! That looks amazing. I'm going to search to see if you have a build thread!
  8. Stunning find!

    That IS an amazing find! Wow!
  9. No Thermostat

    This is a great thread, and I’m glad it came up. I installed a new fan switch that is supposed to turn on at 195 and off at 185 F. Seems as though the bike runs pretty hot in slow moving traffic (like less than 30 mph on 85 degree days). I remember Shazaam’s post somewhere that said I...
  10. 996 shuts off while driving

    If your cut out is immediate, then I agree with SD above (except I believe it's a switch, but I may be incorrect). On my Aprilia, it was an immediate kill. I could pull the clutch in and restart, which it would do. The bike would run great any other time, except that the motor would just stop...
  11. What Have You Done To Your SuperBike Today?

    I did my very first track day. Huge fun, especially because I didn't wreck... :) The 996 did great and didn't miss a beat all day, even when the ambient temperature was 94 degrees F, which made for sweaty leathers. In fact, it ran surprisingly cool, which I guess is due to the water pump...
  12. What Have You Done To Your SuperBike Today?

    I rock the bike left and right as well as squeeze the tubes in various places. I also run it (keeping an eye on the temp). Then I let it cool down and top off.
  13. My Son Died

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Very sorry for your loss, Stick. My deepest condolences.
  14. Picked up a Monster today

    That is a beautiful VFR. (And cool clutch cover).
  15. Interesting project bought this weekend - '01 M900

    Are the oil cooler lines tight? By the way, I *think* that’s your 944 in the background? The 944 was always a favorite of mine back in the 80’s.