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  1. @ the track. Need help.

    Did you figure the issue out?
  2. Stunning find!

    Randall has some amazing bikes!
  3. Stunning find!

    Wait a second...no 748 R bikes had headlights, tail lights, turn signals etc???
  4. Stunning find!

  5. Stunning find!

    A.748.A.Y. (All 748’s are yellow!)
  6. Information on this custom Monster

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    My God that is gorgeous!
  7. 2002 Ducati 748 superbike

  8. Finally joined the club

    Give those Termis some love! New decals are available cheap online! Beautiful bike!
  9. Selling my 1995 900 SS SP #001

    Congratulations on keeping your bike. Absolutely amazing story and bike! I thought your price was very fair! Stories like this make me want to keep my 748!
  10. Are keys for a 2002 Ducati "transponded"...?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I know my 2002 748 is not.
  11. Which Ducati sounds the best?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I love the sound of my 748 but I’d say the best I’ve ever heard in person was a 900ss. I believe it had staintune exhaust.
  12. Your go to tire for the 916/996/998 series bikes

    I rode mostly street so I ride the Michelin Pilot Road. My favorite version is the 2 but they make up to the 5 now.
  13. [IL] 01 748 Partout

    Parts and Accessories
    What can’t i ever find a yellow Mono oem tail?!?! Crap!
  14. 748 S project progressing

    Curious why you didn’t repaint the green tail for your build?
  15. 748-998 54mm CF termis new in box

    Parts and Accessories
    Good luck with your inquiry...something tells me these are not really for sale.