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  1. Superbike picture thread...

    @Sherpa23F I like that your said 'the various women'! Such a baller (y)
  2. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome and Introduction
    With Tom? 👍🏽
  3. 916 Intank Fuel system help

    Thanks @belter that makes sense. Much appreciated 👍🏽 The fuel level is extremely low so I guess that’s why you can see the spray coming from the de-gasser.
  4. Why no love for the 748/749 R?

    And of course to have the biggest dick at the cafe to swing :wink2:
  5. Superbike picture thread...

    @Valhall hit me up if you ever want to sell it :)
  6. My 916 SP3 Project:

    Thanks for the response @ProphetPVD the dealer around here was also hinting the Pirelli direction because its an Italian brand even though I asked about the Dunlop Q3. Like most riders today I'm sure with my talent I will reach the limits of my skills before both if reach any of these tyres.
  7. My 916 SP3 Project:

    New boots & rotors for Mags? Hey Guys, So, I know I have been a slow on updating my little SP3 project. Life sometimes puts motorbikes on the back seat. However, I bought these Mags (webbed version) recently during the off season and hope to fit them soon. Looking forward to replacing the 3...
  8. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    Fuel, emission laws, taxes, etc. Its started already.:crying:
  9. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    Buy them cheap now, ride them and enjoy them cause they will all be paper weights in a decade or two. :wink2:
  10. All 5 of My Ducati - Pictures

    Please tell me you don’t do the ‘Hartees Road’ on those beauties?
  11. My Son Died

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Sincere condolences. No father should have to say those words. Godspeed
  12. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    Yeah Ducati changed the tank while he was riding the Honda. Foggy didn’t know about the change and it didn’t work for him, eventually he went back to old tank.
  13. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    The only issue I had with the oem map was a really flat spot between 3000-4000 rpm. It would die around this point and then clear up after. Now it is much better after Tom tuned it. The issue was more evident if I used a higher octane fuel than 95. The normal oem generator wire connectors that...
  14. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    I can vouch for the stall at idle. Mine has a lighter flywheel so you can imagine how embarrassing the test ride was. Coupled to slipping worn out clutch. The TB’s hadn’t been synced :surprise: It stalled at every stop. It is much better now after the custom map. Thanks @TomTom 👍🏽
  15. 916 & 996 SP / SPS: please educate me

    As an owner of a SP3 I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Just fire away. 👍🏽 It’s quite a special bike to ride. I’m sure many would find it rough, raw and intimidating but that’s just what I enjoy about riding it. You have to work for it but then you are rewarded tenfold. I never...