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  • RED519 ·
    Sir can I ask some advice since I can't post a thread I'm just new to this site. I wanna buy 2012 Hyper 1100 EVO SP but out of stock most of the dealership in our country, I found one dealer that has 1 unit left brand new 2011 EVO SP.
    1.) I've searched every website that has a comparison between 2012, 2011, 2010 EVO SP and I found the specs are all the same except the graphic & colors. I presume you already seen the 2012 and I knew you have 2011 EVO SP. Is there any differences in the actual between 2011 & 2012 or even small things that haven't mentioned at the website because I don't have idea how it looks like in the actual.
    2.) I love air cooled w/ dry clutch Hyper, is it a good idea to go ahead and buy this 2011 EVO SP now or wait for 2013 Hyper which I don't know if Ducati will have new version of 1100 EVO SP. I don't like liquid cooled and wet clutch.
    Any thought Sir? Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you very much.
    Much Respect,
    Red Bravo
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