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  • krupp13 ·
    I noticed in your signature that you have a 160 Ducati. Are you going to rebuild it or other ideas? I have a round tank and sidecovers plus spoked rims with brakes that I need to part with. Let me know if you are interested. Also, if you want to selling the motor, let me know.
    Best regards,

    kwakanut ·
    After an oil change or two it cleared up. Mine was extremely fine. I realize that it's hard to explain in writing and I think that when you say like kids glitter that you mean it's pretty tiny, but since I have kids who use glitter to me that size seems bigger than what I had. If that makes any sense.
    I know that when I pulled out that separate filtering screen it was pretty clogged up so I cleaned it up and changed the oil again fairly soon after and by the next change it was cleaned up. Here's a pic of the screen filter that I took. You can see some of the fine brassy looking flakes. Let me know if the pic doesn't come through and I can either email it to you or post it in your thread.
    Yellow 748R ·
    How did you resolve your flakes in oil issue? My bike pulls strong there is zero funny noises, But this worries me it looks like sprinkle that kids use.
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