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  1. FS: Headers, S Pipes, Arrow Mufflers - S2R1000 Monster

    Parts and Accessories
    Agreed. I recently picked up a set of used Termi headers and they look the same as his.
  2. Chain Lube

    Oil and Lubrication
    Agreed! I've been using it for years on both my motorcycles and mountain bike.
  3. ST4 Ohlins on S2R

    I did a lot of reading about shock swaps for the S2R before I did mine. I actually couldn't really find any info or reports on running any of the ST series shocks. Pretty much everyone seems to either get a 749/999 or S4 shock. I actually ended up using a Multistrada 1000ds shock which is quite...
  4. Monster Pix - Show us what you have

    Very nice! Who makes those tank grips?
  5. === WTB === OEM DUCATI ST4 ST2 St3 handle bar ==

    Parts and Accessories
    Check my two for sale posts below. Just PM me an offer if you want anything. https://www.ducati.ms/threads/st-top-triple-clamp-and-bars.719751/#post-6961577 https://www.ducati.ms/threads/st2-3-4-12mm-bar-risers.717501/#post-6936527
  6. Slipping Clutch

    I'd replace the springs too while you're at it.
  7. 2007 S4RS Ohlins rear shock

    Parts and Accessories
    Well it turns out I jumped the gun on buying this. I thought I could swap it into my S2R after relocating the coil and breather box as is the norm when swapping in other shocks. However, the canister doesn't clear the frame so it's a no go for me . It came off a 2007 S4RS with about 35k miles on...
  8. aftermarket handlebars

    Yeah I used their bars on my SV650...super cheap so you can try different bends without spending a ton of money. I believe they only come in 7/8" though so that rules them out for Monsters with 1 1/8" clamps.
  9. aftermarket handlebars

    And ebay is full of used ones to buy :grin2:
  10. aftermarket handlebars

    Yeah I have Tiger 800 bars on my S2R. They're pretty comfortable with more rise and pullback than stock. They are pretty wide through so OP may not like them.
  11. Swollen S2R Tank

    The hinge for the tank has slots where it mounts to the frame. Just loosen the hinge and slide the tank back a little. A long term solution is to let it dry and air out completely. It should shrink back down. Then just try and use ethanol free fuel going forward.
  12. Rear sprocket for SSA bikes?

    Cool thanks for the info. I finally found a sprocket that fits as an OEM replacement rather than the quick change and it costs about the same as a quick change carrier and sprocket so I guess I'll just go that route. Do you use rubber or poly cush drives when you replaced yours?
  13. Rear sprocket for SSA bikes?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my sprockets/chain as they're starting to get a little worn. I'm a little confused about changing the rear though as it's my first time doing it on an SSA bike. Almost everywhere I've looked only sells sprockets made to work with the quick change sprocket...
  14. What have you've done do your monster today?

    Is that dark coloring a sign of it going bad? The top of my clutch line looks like that...
  15. S2R1k: Lateral play in shock rocker arm

    Great thanks guys!