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  • Jeff_H ·
    Hi Brian! My wife actually wants to move back there, so it may happen in the next few years. I'm not thrilled about it, but she misses home. If it happens, I'll need someone to show me where the good roads are! I ended up doing the engine bolts, but I can't say for the life of me if I notice a difference or not. I had them installed at the same time I had all the engine work done, so the bike was so different I really couldn't tell what caused what. The lightweight crank and flywheel really helped the bike flick over easier for sure.
    BrianK ·
    Hey Jeff, how you doing. Been meaning to ask you: With all of the mods you've done to your (slow, red!!!) bike, did you do the Nichols engine bolts (or equivalent), and if so, how'd you like them?

    When you gonna bring your bride back to Massachusetts? You're welcome to borrow my speedzilla for a spin if and when.

    PS, that does not come with any reciprocal obligation - on the contrary, I'd be scared to ride anyone else's pride and joy. I love my Duc, but I have other bikes I love more, so I wouldn't have to kill you if you effed it up. Maiming would be sufficient. - BrianK
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