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  • ian022 ·
    Awesome! I'm very glad to hear you are happy with it. It truly is an amazing bike, and in exceptional condition.
    Ducatierv ·
    Hi Ian
    I rode it at Kershaw NC CCS practice day for a couple of sessions! what a bike, just like the Italian Bint on the Abarth advert...absolutely adored her. People said as soon as it fired up that they knew it was an RS!

    Many thanks

    nine16 ·
    No, I didn't. Literally the day before my custom pistons arrived, I found my '98 916SPS so I aborted the build and sold off the parts. I've ridden an 853 (with stock heads) and it was an outstanding bike, although I'm sure I've saved myself money by just buying the SPS instead.

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