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  1. FS: '98 Honda VFR800 - Ziiip

    $3000 obo : ) $3000 obo : )
  2. FS: '98 Honda VFR800 - Ziiip

    Picture Oh yeah, Newer TwoBros HiRight Pipe, RGS Frame sliders, corbin saddle (torn - needs repair) with back rest, second horn installed, newest Regulator/Rectifier installed, etc. This is a must see!!! (photo shows old TwoBros, old mirrors and old windscreen):
  3. FS: '98 Honda VFR800 - Ziiip

    I know, it's not a Duc!!! but I need to get rid of it and thought I would just post it here. It's crowding my 848 : ) I'm in Irvine, CA (SoCal). Bike has 53K, lots of life left. Lot's of extras, shoot me an e-mail if interested. $4000 obo (Race Tech springs, Barnett clutch, Penkse race...
  4. Front Brake Lever Question

    I installed shortie CRG levers over a year ago, worked great until recently. Now my right lever is not triggering the rear brake light. Not sure how the pin on the lever interacts under the rubber boot. Is this an electrical switch (vs. a mechanical interaction), I remember there being grease...
  5. 848 Front Turn Signal blinking erratically

    Fyi Thought I'd post an update: defective LED, replaced under warranty.
  6. 1098R Super Build

    What a tease! And....... Just read this entire thread, simply amazing...
  7. 848 Front Turn Signal blinking erratically

    My left mirror/turn signal started blinking erratically recently. On further inspection, I found the rubber gasket between the fairing and stay installed upside down and therefore not offering a good seal there. I have ridden in the rain recently. Any ideas on how moisture may be causing this...
  8. Which Windscreen to buy for my 848? Ebay 1?

    Puig Dark Smoke Heres a pic of the Puig Dark smoke:
  9. tire wear?????

    +1 to Desmo's post. From experience (12 years commuting - rain/shine) I always get 2 rears to a 1 front. 3000-4500 per rear, depending on season and tire. Obviously my riding hasn't changed much over the years since this has been a constant for me, running either Pilot Roads a while back, and...
  10. Mileage on Superbike

    08 848 Delivered 3/15/08 4500 miles and counting :D
  11. Lemon Law -- Have you used it?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    +1! Ditto what ^ said, this entire thread has been very informative. And I'm happy that I only recognized and read this entire thread TODAY, after 12:22pm PST. Otherwise I would have been biting my nails in anticipation of the final outcome. I'd really love to believe that DNA learned...
  12. Passing the CA DMV Riding Test on a 1098

    BTW, some insurance companies will give you a 10% discount (or some other figure around there) if you've completed the MSF course, mine (Allstate) does. Win-win all around.
  13. Why no single-sided swingarm on the 999?

    The Honda Hawk GT were mass produced in the mid-eightee's with the ELF designed SSSA. If you look closely, they are actually badged with a little plaque that specifies something to the effect that ELF helped designed the SSSA.
  14. new 848 addons

    For an 848 you get the PROD ID #1160138 http://www.ducati.com/shop/product.jsp?catid=cat1040117&prodid=prod1160138&_requestid=61853 If you click the "Fits on" button it tells you the models it's for...
  15. Mileage on Superbike

    848 3,500 miles on my trusty 'ole 848, got her March 15th, woot!