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  • Marshal Dillon ·
    "header small aluminum heat shields: $10 pair - perfect"

    I'm sorry to bring up an old thread. Would you happen to still have these available for sale?

    Thank you very kindly.
    Joshtheorange ·
    Just found an old post of yours about a front fairing stay for your airtech fairings on your GT. I'm trying to do the same thing and am searching for solutions. Any hints you've got about what to use for the front (and how to mount that same airtech seat pan to the frame) would be appreciated!
    GTRossi ·
    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    I currently have Sport model huggers available to fit your bike for $99US + $21 flat-rate shipping for domestic (US) orders and $41 for international.

    To order one, simply paypal me directly at:

    [email protected]

    Please be sure to enter "Sport Hugger" in the paypal message field so I can track your order.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


    lostangel97 ·
    Hello, Im new to the forum so Im not allowed to post directly. Im very interested in the gold FBF pressure plate and springs. Is it still available? Will it fit a 916? Can you respond via email?
    Thx Rick
    [email protected]
    1duckyboy ·
    No hard suggestons but I used one on a custom Harley that I removed the speedo drive from. They're about the size of a matchbook only thicker, small digital display, weatherproof, easily calibrated to the diameter of your wheel/tire combo and wireless. It's a computer for speed, distance, trip distance, average speed, highest speed, clock, etc. Best of all they run about $30. Don't know if they are lit for night riding. Check them out a bike shop like Performance Bicycle or Google best bicycle computer. Light, cheap, easy, functional - a winner.
    1duckyboy ·
    Geoff, have you considered a wireless bicycle speedo/odo/computer for your project bike? Cheap, weighs next to nothing, simple installation and removal. It's so small, mounting anywhere would be s snap. Just an idea.

    Renaldo (1duckyboy)
    SFbaymoto ·
    I need some ideas on how too eliminate the fender and re-mount the lights and license bracket. if I can figure that out, I'll order your hugger. Any help greatly appreciated.
    silverbullet ·
    Let me know how you process the order for a hugger. I am still pondering between sport or touring for a GT. Your thoughts? Leaning more towards the longer one.


    tonys1100s ·
    Hi Geoff, Looking to purchase two huggers, touring one for a GT plus a Mono for an SC, to be shipped to New Zealand. Please confirm total price and PayPal details.
    Brittish ·
    Hi Geoff , I'm interested in buying one of you buggers for an 06 sport classic, I'm also interested in a set ofthose abs pulley covers. What's the pricing on each?
    glg07 ·
    Geoff - Are you still selling those huggers for the gt1000. I'm interested in buying a touring version. Can I just go to PayPal and order it through that site. I'm not familiar with your process. Please let me know. Thx. gary
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