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  • Thruxton56 ·
    Dear Sir, Merry Christmas!

    Do have any information on the matt finished 2-2 Termis for PS LE?

    Thank you!

    Thruxton56 ·
    Good day, Mr. Geospencer!
    I am unable/not eligible to post on the head count of PSLE. I have a stock PSLE in Singapore. There are probably another 4 more in Singapore. Could you please help?
    Thank you!


    SM70 ·
    Hi geospensor
    I paid for vendor status on the 23rd of jan. It was debited out of my account yet still no vendor status on my profile. Please advise.
    I am aware it can take 4 days, but we are past day 5 now.
    Thank you in advance,
    SM70 ·
    Hi Goespencer,
    Please note that I have paid to be a Vendor prior to posting "ssss". Also, I made an error on the title and cannot reverse it. It should read as per the title when you open it. Are you able to help please?
    Thank you in advance, SM70
    muzzmann ·
    Geo ...Stephano here...are you guys aware this character from India is hawking his product big time re tanks ?? He is flooding the board soliciting business . I have 2 concerns :
    1- He is not a vendor - I had to get vendor status for 1 month just to discuss a product I produced

    2- His agressive push could end up with people getting burned either financially or with a sub-standard product causing injury. (not sure if this is something you would deal with)

    Experience in my profession is sending up warning flags left and right on these guys...

    If I am wrong . no harm done. at the very least there should be an even playing field for all who look to sell products. He should have vendor status.

    geospencer ·
    If I got your message there is no reason why you can't post. When you signed up did you get an e-mail and a link to activate your account? If you did get an e-mail, go through the link. If you still can't get on I will check with one of the administrators.
    escape ·
    hey, I've lurked here a while and bought my bike from a member of this forum; is there some reason why I can't post in the sport classic subforum? I'd like to make a thread.


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