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  • GeorgeInDallas ·
    Michael - I'm so sorry to not have gotten back to you sooner... I've been off the forum for over a month. Brad's phone is 469-667-0353. You might want to ask him if he's taking on any more customers for repairs - I think he just sorta tolerates me - he makes huge money building high-performance/race bikes ($60K-125K). And be prepared to pay him at the time of service... he's gotten totally stiffed by several street bike riders, so I think he's kinda leery.

    Good luck,
    ninja ·

    Would you mind sharing your mechanic's (Brad Miller) contact info? I did the 12k service on my ST4S and now the bike's temp is running high (above 250F). I did flush the radiator but did not burp the hoses. I'll give that a try but if that doesn't work, I'm going to need Brad's help.


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