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  1. FS - Monster 1100 & 696 Parts for Sale

    Parts and Accessories
  2. FS - Monster 1100 & 696 Parts for Sale

    Parts and Accessories
    Greetings, I have a few Monster parts for sale. All items are located in North Carolina. Prices include shipping to US zip code. PayPal is the preferred method of payment; however, cash is also accepted. All sales are final. Please PM me with any questions. Parts:
  3. Reccomendations for cracked panel

    Sport Touring
    No bigger than that is, I would fill the crack with a quick drying epoxy and then use a touch up pen to paint over it.
  4. Ducati......?? Red or yellow🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Red I would rather keep my bike. New fairings are useless if you don't have a bike to put them on. ;)... joking aside, red > yellow.
  5. Sorry - Not a fan of the new format.

    Chit Chat
    I like the new layout. It is cleaner and navigating is much faster. No problem with ads... Initially, most people reject change. We are all guilty of becoming stuck in our ways. I find that to be particularly true as you age. Give it some time and you may come around.
  6. Monster 696 - Sato Racing Rearsets

    Be careful using these Sato knock offs. I had them on my M696. The ball joint that attaches to the rear brake lever somehow managed to screw itself in tighter, causing the rear brake to lock up. I ended up having to use 2 nuts to keep it locked in place.
  7. What helmet are you using. Bought Arai > too noisy

    Here is another vote for Shoei. I have a Qwest and RF-1200. I think the Qwest is quieter, but it is also a little bigger and weighs more. Check out the deals on Motorcycle Closeouts. I picked up my RF-1200 for $350 shipped.
  8. The Stable - when you know you've gone over the DEEP end

    Wow, what an amazing collection. Got any pics of the stable/ garage these monsters are housed in?
  9. no longer naked....

    Wow! Very nice!
  10. Recommendations on rear sets

    I had a set of Sato knock offs on my previous M696. They were absolute crap. The push rod that goes into the rear caliper screwed itself in and locked up my rear brake. Luckily, I was able to get to the shoulder of the road before a serious accident occurred. When it comes to safety equipment...
  11. Moving to Chicago, advice?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I visited downtown Chicago a couple of years ago. There is no way I would ride a motorcycle in urban areas. It is way too congested and there are so many uber/lyft drivers that cut people off, change lanes without signaling, etc. Horns are used to often that they are meaningless.
  12. Anyone dislike the look after Evap Removal

    I removed the evap on my M1100 and then installed a different shield/ fairing so it has a clean & symmetrical look.
  13. What Helmet is everyone wearing?

    I primarily wear a Shoei RF-1200 and have a Shoei Qwest as a backup. Shoei fits my head better than any other manufacture. Next is Arai. I see skimp on helmets (or any other gear for that matter).
  14. 998 Basket case project

    Excellent rebuild. Out of curiosity, roughly how much did the whole project set you back?
  15. Site Problems?

    Community Help
    Having the same problems. Took me 3 tries just to be able to quote you in my reply.