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  • flynbulldog ·
    Hi Lawrence, sure fire away with anything you need.

    I am quite happy with my Termi exhaust. Private dyno test have shown it to make the most hp of any system on the market for the SF.

    But unfortunately the ECU that comes with the Termi system is not always the best map and it runs closed loop below 5200 rpm. So, you still need to have a map done to make your bike run well on the bottom.
    Lawrence84 ·
    Greets Flynn

    I've been following this forum for awhile now.... and your posts have been helpful to me.

    I'am more technical towards riding / I'am not technical towards the ins and outs of a Ducati. If you want I'd like to ask you in the nearby future questions regarding the technical aspects of our shared Ducs.

    I saw you have a Termi exhaust on the SF.. Are you happy with it ?

    Take care
    navchak ·
    Hi, saw your post about the Ducati Desmo artwork. Funnily enough I have been looking for the same - a poster in side view of a graphics outline of the desmo would be great. Surprised there are none for sale. Have you had an success in locating one?


    medstretta ·
    Hey There.
    Stellar Stellar Stellar bike.
    I love the pictures you have of this.
    I was working on my at home lobbying skills on this, but sadly didn't make the deadline. Hopefully, it went to a deserving home.
    Would you please do me a favour? Could you send me hi resolution versions of the pictures you had with the listing to my private email?

    [email protected]

    Regards, and thanks

    flynbulldog ·
    Hi Duc2010,
    yes I still have the termi mufflers for sale. No the price does not include the DP ECU.
    I currently have the mufflers listed at $1100
    and the ECU listed at $450 for a total $1550 (this is for the S model with DTC)
    If you want them both I'll sell them for $1400 together.
    let me know
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