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  1. Help removing DB7 fuel tank please

    I removed the two front bolts, but I cannot remove the tank. Seems hung up in the rear. Any advice appreciated!!
  2. New DB7 Sticker Discoloration

    DB7 stickers My question is how you get the freakin stickers off in the first place. I have tried citrus based stuff, sticker-off, but nothing budges those pesky stickers. Took me about an hour to get one off, and my fingernail was about gone. Advice? Thanks
  3. Just order a 2008 Black "S"

    nice in black! Kinda wish I had gone with black. I took the red as it was in stock and I just had to ride the thing- right then!
  4. Black or Red

    RED RED RED...its a Ducati........
  5. Poor man's Enduro pack.

    great f-ing idea! I am doing mine this weekend! Thanks!!!
  6. HM stunt bike

    Betarace gets the BEST AVITAR award!!!!
  7. i did it!

    congrats- enjoy the madness. Come on Chris410- I'm in VA and just took mine out for a spin. Do watch the sand from the snow trucks- quite dicey in the turns!
  8. Enclosed Trailer????

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I bought a Hallmark 6X10 and put a Baxley chock in it. I also upgraded the tie-downs to real closed-loop D rings, not those BS versions where the D ring is just bent in under the mount and not a true solid D ring. I love it, and never have to think about what might be happening to my Hyper...
  9. Is it that good?

    Get the Hyper and be done with it....
  10. Where do you live, What do you ride?

    Orlean, Virginia Hypermotard S
  11. Legendary Daredevil Evel Knievel Dies

    Rip I actually paid to go to our local basketball arena (Capital Center at that time) and watch the attempted jump over the snake river on the jumbo screen. Now that was a media event! Funny stuff. He will be missed.
  12. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome and Introduction
    hey all NOOb here- just bought my first Ducati- a Hypermotard S after falling love with it at a dealer. I have had many, many bikes over the years, but currently have a BMW K1200GT, A Harley Springer, the Hyper, and a KTM 250 dirt bike. It has been pretty cold here, but I managed a 125 mile...