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  1. Is there a headlight upgrade for the 916/748 series?

    I fitted a 35w HID to the low beam, combined with a 100w in the high beam - rewired using relays to switch directly from the battery rather than the switch and it works very well - far better than the original setup. I used the 100w so as to have a 'quicker' on than a HID for flashing purposes...
  2. 996 steering stem nut won't loosen, turns the entire stem instead

    Been a while since I dismantled mine so I don't remember exactly how it's held in and, obviously it's designed to come out downwards but if everything was removed (forks etc.) would it be possible to pull the entire eccentric housing assembly out through the top of the frame, to get at it on the...
  3. 996 steering stem nut won't loosen, turns the entire stem instead

    916 and therefore, I assume 996, stem is screwed into the clamp (unlike SS/Monster that are pressed in). I swapped the clamp on mine for a 56mm Ohlins version and had to remove the stem to fit it to the Ohlins clamp. I got a couple of blocks with the Ohlins part that clamp the stem in a vice so...
  4. 916 Manifold Gauze

    I agree, especially as it is flat rather than domed (giving greater area, therefore more open area). My old Guzzi has considerably coarser wire mesh over the intakes; Although, rather than in addition to the filter - on the Guzzi, it is the filter... :eek:
  5. Put new forks and triple on 959 Steering Stem is longer Is this ok??

    Lift it and fit a spacer underneath as per (pedal) bike? Alternatively cut the stem, assuming threads etc. are deep enough or can be cut deeper?
  6. Would You Trust a Plugged Front Tire at High Speeds?

    Roadside kits are really 'get you home' only and probably at reduced speeds. I got a rear puncture on the 916 on Saturday and got recovered by the breakdown service but had to wait 2 hours for them to arrive, if I'd had a kit I could have got home much quicker. I repaired the puncture using...
  7. Buying a 916

  8. Buying a 916

    '98 916 has no graphics on the tank, only 'DUCATI' on the side fairings and 'DUCATI 916' on the seat/tail, no other graphics.
  9. Clutch spiders: Opinions

    I can't see how they can make any difference to clutch action but, in the event of the bike going down on it's side they might help stop the clutch posts digging in/breaking off against the cover?
  10. 996 SSR Kickstand seems too long

    Indeed, however many (myself included) replaced the stand with a longer one because of adjusted geometry - i.e. raised the rear to find the angle of the (already leaning too far) stand too much for comfort. Added advantage that the cyclecat stand on mine (I believe SSR is pretty much the same?)...
  11. Times when the dzus mod for fairing removal would have been good

    Sport Touring
    Don't think that's the norm? My 916 is 21 years old with 50,000 miles on it and still on the original solenoid and AFAIK the Monster is still on the original 20 yr old part too.
  12. front stand lift for a 748, exist a cheap one?

    I've had no problem with the front stand and I use it on all my bikes, works perfectly and it wasn't expensive.
  13. twin cable Vs single cable throttles?

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    I've got split-single FCRs on my Monster and was originally supplied with a 2 into 4 cable for double pull/push but I wanted to simplify it and so now have a single cable which splits into 2 (openers only) and it is much better, I also fitted a 916 style twistgrip as it has a fast idle setting...
  14. Advice for yoke offset on 916 with lengthened swingarm

    Is not the 1098 cylinder shorter than an old Desmoquattro?