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  • 99duc996s ·
    Hello, I saw that you were on a post that I was reading regarding instructions on how to replace the mechanical tach with an analog. I was wondering if you would be able to help me out as well with the instructions? I plan on doing this very soon while my Duc is OOS. Thank you very much for your time!
    DanThe Swede ·
    Hi DukeDesmo!

    I stepped across a old thread here today where you described very well the difference between a Eu and a UK headlight deflector. As I have bought a 998 here in the UK and is taking her back with me to Sweden, I was wondering if you might still have the Euro deflector and want to sell it or perhaps know where to get one.

    Thanks in advance
    Daniel - Manchester
    DukeDesmo ·
    Hi TRua,
    Not sure how big your intakes are, mine are large (internally) but the front intake is similar to the originals.

    I just cut the fairing to get a bigger airflow in the hope that, combined with other mods, this would help make the engine breathe a little better.

    Regards, Tim.
    TRua ·
    Hi DukeDesmo,

    just have been fallow your front fairing cut to fit the large "race type" carbon ram air.

    Just have the same problem, got ones from a 998RS and it wont fit the my OEM 916 front fairing.

    Can you help me? is it suitable cut the inlet of the front fairing to fit them, and keep the hole that will assembly the air duct, with air duct?

    Many thanks from Portugal!


    Tiago Rua
    DukeDesmo ·
    Hi Johnnie,

    Sorry for the delay in answering, I didn't see the message until today. Actually not had a proper ride yet since fitting them, should get out in the next few days but I'm not expecting to notice any real difference.

    But I will be getting the bike dyno'd and remapped soon though as I've made a couple of changes since the last time, I might try & get a dyno run with a 'before & after' with regard to the stacks. Either way I'll put the results on a thread somewhere.


    johnnie27 ·
    hi mate johnnie in oz here just wanted to ask if you have any more thoughts or riding feedabck with the big stacks you added...i am getting the cams dialed and eprom to suit so i was thinking if i ever was i should do it all at the same time so it can be all dyno'd at once

    would you reccomend them?

    thanks for the feedback

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