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  1. HM wiring harness defect

    ^ Exactly!
  2. HM wiring harness defect

    Well, it isn't exactly a defect in the wiring harness, but i was riding the HM popped a minor wheelie and when I came down the bike suddenly went dead. I pulled over on the side of the road to check the fuses and sure enough the 30 amp fuse underneath the seat was fried. I tried the spare and it...
  3. Anyone using the aftermarket Windscreen?

    A detachable windscreen that provides real protection would be a big plus, just came back from a 500 mile ride and I really got buffeted around at freeway plus speeds. The fabbri looks good but doesnt provide much protection. The plastic is brittle. so dont over tighten when installing it.
  4. Spoiler....Jerez

    Road Racing
    ^ man that really pissed me off too. The idiot at Speed Vision should be hung out to dry for the decision...who watches Nascar trucks? It was killing me.
  5. Handlebar Change

    So what is considered the "best" replacement bar these days?
  6. Motor of Death II

    Alex, you need to man up and get a Brutale like all the other smart guys!
  7. 1200'S' First impressions

    Anyone here concerned about the first yr model syndrome?
  8. Motor of Death II

    ^ So does mine ;)
  9. Motor of Death II

    Why stretch this motor for max power when there are so many other bikes out there that make much more than this right out of the box? Seems like an expensive exercise in futility :( Fun I guess?
  10. Zard Penta's are on!

    I have the same set up, lovin it!
  11. Yates breaks leg in 3 places....

    Road Racing
    Thanks for the clarity, terrible outcome but at least it occured under the correct circumstances...poor Aaron.
  12. FS: 2008 Hypermotard 1100S - Orange County, CA

    Very nicely modded Hyper, actually not a bad price at all given the taseful mods and time put into it. GL on the sale.
  13. GP shifting

    I would prefer not to do new rear sets since the position on the stock ones suit me just fine. I'll look to see if Sato makes linkage that works OK. Thx.
  14. GP shifting

    What's the cheapest way to convert the Hyper to GP shifting? My other two bikes are set up that way now and I want to change the Hyper too. Thx.
  15. Pegram to MotoGP

    Road Racing
    I have to say that this thread made me smile :) Happy Easter!!!