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  • iliveinakeg ·
    hey. did you ever find that 999 black color match? im looking to match my 2005 black 999 mono onto some new trackday fairings. cheers
    BrianG ·
    I have the LSL clipons and love them. I did a 3500 mile in 7 days trip last summer without a problem and I'm closer to 60yrs old than 55.

    The remote reservoirs work just like they do on the Aprilia RSV, because the RSV uses exactly the same master cyl's, with remote reservoirs.

    All you have to do is to get a 90-degree elbow to plug into the inlet grommet on each master cyl. (I got new grommets as well just because) And you have to get standard bleed screws for each, because the 999 OEM setup has a 2-piece bleed system that also retains the integral reservoir in its place.

    Of course you will need the reservoirs and some brake fluid line (get the right stuff so that it doesn't eat through).

    All this stuff is available from Yoyodyne. Give them a call, they will know exactly the parts you need.

    Also, you will need both brake and clutch lines to get this to fit right. The electric wires and throttle cables have enough slack.
    OldSkoolCool ·
    i noticed you have higher bars on your 999. How do the remote reservoirs work? you keep the stock masters? do the rizomas come with all the parts for proper relocation? Looking at higher bars so i can actually stand to drive the thing more.
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