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  1. "Mein Kampf" against SpeedCams

    Chit Chat
    Sorry to hear it. There's a plague of the things here too. Easy money for the cops and it's in the name of safety so how can you argue against that?
  2. Streetfighter 1098s Beginner

    I just rotated the stock bars back so the ends don't point down so much. They are much better now. Pull out or break off the pins to do that. Another cheap mod is to get a hacksaw or file and rough the ends of the footpegs up so your boots don't keep slipping off. Also check out a better air...
  3. Naked Air-Cooled Multi's

    Thanks guys. It's not to everyone's taste but I love it.
  4. Naked Air-Cooled Multi's

    Stuck a WASP power up kit while I was in there. I've had a couple of different exhausts on trying to get it running like it should. First these. Now this Leo Vince. It would probably look better if it was a bit lower but as it is I can take the rear wheel off with it in place...
  5. Naked Air-Cooled Multi's

    I did one as a project while I was recovering from a massive crash in 2010. I wrote off my Sportclassic and after doing the sums decided to go this way. The old Multis had everything the S1K didn't have - SSSA, good suspension, large tank and comfortable riding position. So went at it. I had...
  6. bike lifts

    Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac
    I'm looking to buy a lift before I do another main service. My knees are fucked.. I'll be interested to see what you come up with Mal.
  7. 08 Mts 1100 rear sprocket

    Roll it baby. Nothing bad will happen.
  8. Older Multistradas

    They are great bikes if you don't mind the looks. I think black ones are best. A few things can be an issue nothing serious though usually. The dash can leak and need replacing, the seat's a bit wooden, fuel gauge isn't reliable and from memory there were a few that had valve seat problems...
  9. Valve shim kit question

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Love your work Mike. I have two sets of shims and MBP retainers from EMS. Really helpful guy.
  10. Cam belt harmonic tool?

    I got one. Simple and real easy to use.
  11. Update on naked ST2 build.

    Sport Touring
    Good job. Better than stock for sure.
  12. To Apple or Not to Apple...

    Chit Chat
    Maybe only Apple fans care enough to post about how awesome their gizmos are..
  13. Thailand, Laos and Cambodia- Multistrada 2013 ST

    Travel, GPS Chat and Ride Tales
    Epic thread and trip. Have you been to Cambodia yet? The "happy" weed pizzas in Siem Riep are hilarious alright. Angkor Wat is amazing, the shooting range near the army barracks in Siem Reap is fun. They'll take you up into the hills to shoot grenades and big guns if you like.
  14. Cruise Control for SFS

    Yeah more like the Tuneboy addon for Multistradas. I guess not then.
  15. Cruise Control for SFS

    Anyone know of a cruise control that can be fitted to an SFS? I searched but nothing came up.