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  • so_nw ·
    I am a member here and just wanted to welcome you to the site!
    I am an independent AMSOIL dealer and take care of many members of over 40 forums
    with AMSOIL products. If you are interested in any AMSOIL products for your bike,
    please don't hesitate to let me know!

    You can check out the online catalog here:
    AMSOIL Catalog

    A typical oil change for your bike costs you $60-$70.
    I can usually save you around $10-$20 each time with high quality AMSOIL products,
    and extend out the time between changes as well.

    AMSOIL is THE BEST oils and lubricants you can use for your motorcycle.
    hgeyses ·
    Hello, Bill!
    My name is Herman, aged 49 and I am a Ducati rider since 1994. I live in Belgium, Europe, in a town called Berlaar, situated in the southern part of the province of Antwerp.
    I just got myself a brand new Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak. Totally different from my 1098 S Tricolore, but I just love it!
    I would like to put monobloc calipers on the MTS. I know there is a few models available from Brembo, but I wonder if Ducati can provide the brake lines, because as far as I can see, the banjo's of the original lines will not fit onto the monobloc calipers. Someone who did this before?
    Pfeidog ·
    Hey Bill, I have a 07 ST3 and the wrench is on. I also do my own service and need to turn it off. I tried to hold down the left button and let the computer boot up and then turn it off but it did not work. I also tried the right button and when you turn the key on it just has the high beam light and a - 0, nothing seems to work. Do you have any more info on how to turn this light off? Thanks Richie My E-mail is [email protected]
    Bill_Anderson ·
    My son has not ridden with me in quite a while. I recall keeping the tire pressures high, around 40 rear and 38 front.
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