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  1. Zina Kelley- where is she these days ?

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    To anyone who remembers said person....the original ducatigirl.com, ex-Ducati NA person/personality......anybody know where she is and if she is still involved with motorcycles ? Gracias,
  2. I want this Rossi back.. =/

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    Ahhhhh. A little bit of wisdom !
  3. Lament by eastbay851

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    We all wish EB851 would get off his ass and check in once and a while. Mark died of what we believe was a heart attack at the age of 52 ( I think) a year ago April. He had just retired and after touring the US for 9 months in his motorhome with his wife, they travelled to San Miguel to start...
  4. I rode the kitted 748 to 853 today

    I've spent many happy hours on an 853 and to my mind it is the best Ducati, Ducati never built.
  5. ST'ers check these out!

    Sport Touring
    Pannier bags I have used these for 5 years and they are excellent. Much easier to handle to and fro the hotel room.
  6. Equivalent Parts for ST Bikes

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    Well done, all ! Very helpful information.
  7. Ducati Seattle Changes

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    I smell a rat. For ten years DucSeattle has been my local dealer, all the way from down here in SoCal. Looks as if I will be buying my parts and stuff from their competitor Eastside in Seattle when I am in the area. What a shame this new event is.
  8. Ducati's Handling of Expanding Tank Issues

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    Here we go again ! Looks like Ducati is working from the same play book that they used during the Desmoquattro flakey rocker debacle. What a bunch of clowns !
  9. The 1199 Panigale on highway...

    silly boy, talk to the marketing department Of course he does, and every engineer who sees it also laughs their ass off because it is a very inefficient way of doing it. This subject has been discussed and resolved so many times before....please do a search !
  10. Where to buy gear in Milan?

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    Thanks for the tips ! I am looking forward to the trip and having plenty of free time to play, unlike most of my trips abroad on business.
  11. Where to buy gear in Milan?

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    Hey ! How about Rome ? I am going to be in Rome on 11 Oct for a wedding that week. Any ideas on Ducati related stuff to do or buy when I am there ?
  12. Chick Magnet?

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    I vote for the puppy as well. What works better than anything else is when you wear a Cucciolo t shirt. The ladies will melt. It always works for me. (See ? You can have it all....LOL )
  13. Something carbon fiber to ponder......

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    Just got this from a pal. It may shed some light on the Lambo thingy....lol Automated carbon fibre molding for automotive apps - Forum - F1technical.net
  14. Something carbon fiber to ponder......

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    Compliment taken. Still trying to separate marketing semantics from standard manufacturing technology. If this process has metal fibers in a liquid polymer matrix, that is then pounded ( the "forged" aspect, no ?), then I am totally spun out. You have my official WTF !! To the best of my...