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  • lionsgate ·
    Hey Aurelius, here's a copy of your original post but like to db killer no longer works. I'd like to find out more info on your db killer. Thanks!
    Originally Posted by SidewinderNC
    Sooo, any fueling issues felt?

    Any -seat of the pants- power loss?

    How loud compared to stock?

    My db killer is yet to ship.........
    Nothing negative to note. Bike ran very strong. Compared to stock it is loud, but in a good way with the db killer installed. I am pleasantly surprised how much difference is makes.

    Originally Posted by dansz24
    Could you please post a clip of your setup with the DB killer installed?
    I really don't have any sound equipment that would do it justice. I would be happy to post up an iPhone clip?

    Here is some good info on the db killer:

    Cat replacement?
    DucatiAurélien ·

    I noticed that you had installed the LeoVince full exhaust on your Ducati.
    I bought the same exhaust as you and I wonder if it's necessary to make settings once the exhaudt is mounted?
    I intend to do the installation myself and I wanted to know if I can ride like that once the exhaust is mounted or if I should go to my dealer to set the bike?
    In advance, thank you very much.
    zastrada ·
    Hi, do you still have your stock Multistrada seats for sale? I'm looking for a replacement for my rear seat only.
    404 307-3878
    motohunt ·
    Motohunt here,which dealer did you purchase your multi from. I am looking jax or ocala for the purchase. thanks
    Aurelius ·
    I just noticed this message. Sorry for the delayed response.

    Where did you get it? twistedthrottle.com
    Any particular version? There is only one version as far as I know.
    How tall are you? I am 6'
    Any vibration issues? None
    Anything else you care to add. Nothing other than this is a terrific screen.
    Paulie ·
    Hi, Arelius - curious as to more detail on the MRA Vario Screen if you don't mind. I'm 6'3 and the stock screen pretty much blows wind straight up my helmet at higher speeds.
    Where did you get it?
    Any particular version?
    How tall are you?
    Any vibration issues?
    Anything else you care to add.

    Any thoughts you can offer are appreciated! Thanks!
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