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  • TRua ·
    Hi Adrew, im mounting a Ducati 999 brembo master cylinders in my Ducati 916.

    Im getting some dificulties removing the integrated reservoir. I've opened the reservoir cap, i've removed the screw, where will be bleeder bolt.

    But the reservoir still doesn't go out.

    Thank you

    Tiago Rua
    michman ·
    I posted the following on the Ducati.ms forum re your response to "888 Derivatives", but thought it might get to you sooner via e-mail.
    "To Andrew-
    Sorry to hi-jack the thread. But, my question is a relevant extension and since you obviously know a great deal about the subject, what can you relate about the 916SP racing models (i.e., w/ 955 engine from the factory) re rarity and current market value?
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