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  • catalpa ·
    Hello, Will I be allowed to post to the forum? One person recommended a book, which I bought and read, and would like to report back on. It won't really be a relevant post if too much time goes by. I don't yet own a Ducati, but I didn't read that as a requirement of the group. If it is, I'm sorry to have wasted your time.
    racer_boy_lives ·
    Hello, I'm a member who doesn't use the forum often. Im looking to post in the classifieds looking for a replacement left mirror/signal for my hyper... but I'm unable to. I read that I need 25 posts... so I replied to another 18 threads... but my count only went up by 1.
    Anyway, I'm just trying to get a replacement mirror signal for my hyper,
    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Alex Scott - member of Ontario Ducati Owners Club
    1098RS ·
    For all the stupid BS you gave me all these years - when I was abiding by the rules while others couldn't be bothered following simple instructions when I was selling stuff and or people paying anonomously - without telling me who they were on the forum - making it difficult to discern legitimate buyers from all the other yahoos. All the while calling me a "thief".

    Then you turn your cheek to posters who AREN'T following your forum rules, and allow this perp (and probably other posters) to pawn stuff that's not even his.

    As far as I'm concerned, you're a bunch of hypocrites. This site has turned into a steaming pile of filth. And BTW, I've ALREADY informed the ACTUAL owner of the parts. Maybe you'll get sued. Karma sucks, doesn't it?

    Oh, I forgot to mention which ad it was. Good luck.
    PSX_1000_Replika ·
    Greetings. I don't have permission to post; would appreciate your prompt assistance. There are several posts I would like to contribute, and many others I would like to thank about. Appreciate your help.

    just-j ·
    Good morning

    I've been a member for a lil while......

    And I have been checking back here.....here and there.

    I have a SC that I would like to get going.....been looking here for reasonable parts.

    Anyway, I would like to be able to post some "wanted" parts....so I can get going on the bike.

    If you could give permission......I'd appreciate it.


    j13jjs ·
    I don't have permission to post even though I clicked the email activation link. Been stuck lurking since 2006...
    darmahsd ·
    I successfully logged in. I wanted to post something. I wasn't allowed to post. I haven't been on here since May of 2011. So, I haven't posted for awhile. If you're not on here for awhile, you're not allowed to post? Or is there another reason?
    Kefalos360 ·
    Dear Admin. Trying to list some parts in the Classified section but still have no access... can you please advise how I can get access? I have over 25 posts and been member longer that 30 days? Thanks!
    Mr C ·
    Hi how come I can not post in certain sections of the forum? It just says I dont have permissions.
    jjvj23 ·
    I seem to be having the same issue as Fstfoot. I continue to check back every day and still can't post.... Please help.
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