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  • smidon ·
    Hi there 748 girl. I've just joined having searched for how to remove the fuel tank of a 748 and encountered your sage advice in a 2007 thread title "simple question ..." I wonder if I own your husband or boyfriend's old 748 sps? I bought mine a few months old in Melbourne in '98 ... story I was told by Moto One in Dandenong Rd was that it was one of a pair, husband and wife both had 748's but the husband then bought a 916 Senna so his was for sale. Rego in Vic was YL551. I have since returned to NZ taking the bike with me. And now I've got rust in the tank courtesy of underuse! Arrggh. All the best, cheers Don
    Godfather ·
    Cool ,We are the same 2x babies.... 900SS and 1000 Sport Classic.....Alfa etc etc.All things Ducati!! Look forward to been intouch again!!
    Ciao To you and your Family!!!
    748girl ·
    Thank you, I have been told I have passion, but no sense! This by another Ducati owner, once long ago! We are a passionate Ducati household and have been for many long years, our life moves around them and the marque was toasted at our wedding 10 years ago! Enjoy the forum. Cheers
    Godfather ·
    Nice to see a lady.....Doing the Ducati thing!! The Passion!!!
    Fantastic.... i wish we had more! Take care , Your new Friend Godfather!!!!
    Come buon vino e di amicizia ............... Vanno di pari passo!!
    Like fine wine and friendship...............They go hand in hand !!!!
    748girl ·
    Jeff, Do you have me confused with someone else? I haven't ever had such a problem? Since I don't know what bike you have, it does make to difficult to assess. Your fuel pump should be controlled by your ECU. But then again, one of your relays could be dodgy. Start by having a look at those before you get excited about ECU's.

    You might get a lot more ideas by posting on the specific forum for your bike. Maybe there will be someone else who has had the same issue.

    Carson ·
    I was reading through all of the posts, and I am having a similar problem. When I turn the bike on and switch it to the run position the fuel pump turns on, but does not shut off. I replaced the fuel filter, no luck . I am getting very frustrated, any ideas for me?

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