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Originally Posted by fw1421 View Post
I used to live in Florida too. Down there it could have just been some old fart that couldn't see you...but then again it could have just been a red neck. Was he in a pick up truck? We've got lots of those here in Texas and they love to hog the left lane and dare you to pass,then race to get back in front. Just goes to show you there are as* H*les in every state!

Florida,land of the driving dead!
It was a redneck in a pickup truck, I'll admit we were riding a little spiritedly. I'm sure he saw us coming up behind him and when we went to pass I could see the smoke pouring out his exhaust as he floored it, then when he saw he couldn't outrun us he swerved into the other lane to block us. I had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. My buddy did get around the truck and then he tail gated him getting really close. I backed way off in case he decided to slam on the brakes. After a few miles of this craziness the truck turned onto another street and it was over. I'm just glad it didn't end with someone getting hurt, I still don't know what he was trying to prove.
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