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Originally Posted by pentathol View Post
Thanks for the front shot photo! I love this setup. Maybe there's a way to cut the lens part off of the old light and stick it back where it belongs or have someone fab the exact shape in red/black plastic with the whole cutout. Gonna have to think about what to do.
I am obsessed with getting better lighting, so this is really interesting and they do right hand drive versions as well.

I would like to find a spare headlamp shell/glass and mount a pair behind the stock "glass" - just need to find a headlamp assembly then work out how to mount what Chuck has done into the shell AND be able to adjust them as well.
Mounting should not be hard, but adjusting might need some creativity.

Looks like the kit runs direct off the battery and plugs into the harness H4 connector so voltage drop should not be an issue.

If I do it though I will check my headlight after stopping - I did an HID setup for a CBR250RR I owned for a while and the relay fused closed, I guess due to the initial inrush current to the ballast. My daughter borrowed the bike for a while and did not notice the headlamp stayed on and flattened the battery, resulting in a call out to me !!!!!!!!!! I did not know there was a 24 hour callout service on borrowed bikes.

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