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Bi-xenon HID projector retrofit for 900SSie

The carby SS guys get harrassed for their square headlights all the time, but the one thing that I don't like about my 2001 900SSie is the headlight (big, heavy, ugly, and not very modern looking). I was previously using an aftermarket HID bulb/ballast kit (with H4 re-based bulb) with the original headlight. Besides the typical problems with using an HID bulb in a headlight that was designed for a halogen bulb, it didn't improve the look of the bike. I love the look of an SSie with race fairings (no headlight), so I decided to retrofit a single bi-xenon HID specific projector headlight and use a race upper fairing from AirTech and custom fit it to the single headlight.

The bi-xenon HID projector headlight retrofit kit is from The Retrofit Source. This is a true aftermarket projector headlight that is purpose built for retrofitting and made specifically for an OEM-type D2S HID bulb with bi-xenon capablility (low and high beam). The "FX-R" projector is modeled after OEM Infiniti FX-45 projectors, but the external shape and four mounting points are more retrofit friendly. The low and high beam visibility from this projector is excellent and the low beam cutoff has an awesome color band that creates that sought after color-flicker when seen from a distance. The kit also comes with an H4 motorcycle relay harness that is virtually plug-n-play and is the perfect length for a direct connection to the battery on the Ducati 900SSie. The complete projector retrofit kit is priced at $150 with shipping.

The kit includes a new aftermarket bi-xenon HID projector, 35w D2S ballast, 35w D2S 5000K bulb, and an H4 motorcycle relay harness.

The relay harness is grounded to the frame near the factory wiring harness main connector.

The relay harness in-line fuse resides next to the factory fuses.

The relay harness is connected directly to the battery.

The ballast is mounted in the empty void of the original headlight utilizing an existing headlight bolt.

Custom mounting brackets for the projector headlight are fabricated from 1/8" thick aluminum sheet.

The mounting brackets are attached to the projector headlight.

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