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Originally Posted by ducatimike View Post
I bought my 99 ST4 in 2003 with 7,000 miles. I now have 47,000 miles on it. I commuted on it, 2 up rides in the summer months, a long trip every year to the annual ST gathering. It has been the perfect bike for me. Absolutely no regrets at all. I tend to ride bikes to their limits and this bike has never let me down. Hours of riding in excess of 100 mph in Nevada and Eastern Oregon. Great through the twisties. Yes, the 996 motor is even better and the suspension on the newer ST4S is also superior, but the base model is still fun and will give years of grins. I replaced two rockers at 12,000 miles and thats about it. It has been very reliable. I have always liked the feel of this bike, very balanced.

wait, I thought the suspension on the ST4 earlier was adjustable and all,
the laters are not. So the early suspensions were better. ???

either way, right at 47k on mine and with the DP chip and Sli motor exhaust, I'd not trade for the 996.

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