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Starting problems and battery discharging

So after years of trouble free operation with my SC1000s, suddenly I have trouble getting the alarm to disarm unless I hold the fob directly next to the alarm unit under the seat.
This works for a few rides out but then I go out and find the battery dead (trickle charger used).
New battery fitted and allís fine again but next time out it wonít start, ignition relay under the seat starts clicking away and dash lights and dials are haywire.

So, Iím thinking is this the R/R problem that Iíve read so much about??
Gotta be worth a try, so I order a mofset R/R from Electrosport (plug & play) but still no joy!

So, I got stuck into it today and thought where did the problem start? The Alarm.
After an internet search I found a post on a rival forum with an alarm fault on a 749 which turned out to be the internal backup siren battery pack.
Disconnected and pulled out the alarm module (Spyball 6527) and pulled it apart.
Sure enough the unit has a 6 x coin cell 7.2v 80mAh Ni-Mh battery pack.
I cut open the shrink wrap and checked output voltage which was about 0.5v before the leads fell off. Cells were leaking.

So new battery pack ordered (from China!) and fingers crossed itíll turn up this year!
Not seen this issue mentioned on the forum before so was wondering if anyone else has come across it or does everyone generally just ditch the spyball alarm?

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