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Originally Posted by MK212MX View Post
I had discussion with someone on another forum, about rare vs just not popular. He was stating that a particular bike that was only made for a few years was considered rare. I told him not really, it just didn't sell well when produced so that is why they stopped making them. In his mind that made it rare and worth more than any reasonable person would pay. I just told him it is still the same unpopular bike and not worth double because it was only made for a couple years. People like to throw that word rare around......

......I do not know if this can be related to SC’s.....

In 1955, Rolex launched its Reference 6234 chronograph. Neither “Cosmograph” nor “Daytona” appeared on the dial; the watch was simply labeled “Chronograph.” Rolex made about 500 of these watches each year until 1961, when the reference was discontinued. The watch sold for about $200 in the early 1960s. This model wasn’t very successful, either: it and other early Rolex chronographs often languished on dealers’ shelves because other manufacturers had long since established themselves as chronograph specialists. Nowadays these so-called “Pre-Daytonas” are rare and desirable: $20,000 is merely the entry-level price for one of these hard-to-find models with a silver or black dial and stainless-steel case.

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