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Step 1: Bezel install

Once you have the cockpit stripped of the coolant and tachometer gauges, you are prepared to install the bezel. First, dry fit each gauge into the bezel, to assure they clear the bezel. If not, you will need to open the holes up slightly, with a piece of sandpaper. My bezel came from Bestem, and everything fit perfectly.

Then, apply the two-sided tape to the inside edge of the bezel. Honestly, this is not a requirement, as the gauges themselves will hold the bezel into place.
When installing the tape, find the absolute true bottom of the bezel, and start/stop the tape here, leaving at least a 1/2" gap between the edges, to allow for any moisture drainoff.
Then, press the bezel into place, securing it tp the foam.

Step 2: Gauge installation:
Press the gauges into place, and install the nuts, making sure to index the gauges properly. Indexing is not entirely necessary, as these gauges will not install crooked, but there is a little rotational adjustment... and since I am a perfectionist (and such little things bug the crap out of me!), I take the minute or so to actually align the gauges with each other.
Reinstalltion of the gauges is simply the reverse of removal. Note: Now is a perfect opportunity to replace any burned out bulbs you may have. Reinstall the harnesses, and plug the light bulbs into their corresponding locations.

Install the gauge cockpit back into the headlight bucket, assuring that all three studs go into their respective holes. Once confirmed, install the three nuts. Be sure not to overtighten, as the studs are easily broken. They are barely finger tight, on mine.

Plug in the three block harnesses, and turn the key on to confirm illumination operation. Start the motorcycle to confirm function of the tachometer, as well. Make note to check that the oil light illuminates properly, and turns off properly. It is your one and only indication that your oiling system is failing.... pretty important stuff.

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