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Originally Posted by gus duc View Post
Do you need more on the street than the SuperCorsa’s or Q3+’s provide? How has Q3+ wear been compared to SC’s?
Q3+ is wearing better than the supercorsas, by about 25% maybe more. I got 2k miles out of the SCs and that was during break in phase, while the Q3+ will likely go 2.5 K, almost there.

i don't need more than the Q3+, but I am curious to see how they perform. I am getting 50 degree lean angles with the Q3+ (measured with bike trip app) and no hint of grip loss, and I am driving hard out of corners without any problems and without DTC intervention is sport mode. I am generally smooth so that is not a big deal.

Where the q3+ may be limited is in aggressive braking with ABS at sport setting of 2. I am getting a bit too much interference from the ABS, and I am not inclined to set it at level 1-track for the street.

I am curious to see if the Q4 will grip just a bit better under braking to prevent ABS intrusion.

Curious about the feel as well. The SC and the Q3+ have very different feel. Feel is of course a very subjective issue in any case.

The tire calibration on the 2019 Hyper has a software bug yet to be fixed by Ducati. I suspect that is part of the problem with the rider aids as well. The speedo is off by 10% judging against the GPS.
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