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1100 Evo Clutch Plate Order

Hey guys,

Got some questions about the order of the steel plates in the stock clutch for my 1100 EVO.

Found this info on the forum, per the manual.

Insert the set of clutch plates (8) in the following order (see Figure):
- two driven plates (G), thickness 1.5 mm;
- one drive plate (H), thickness 3 mm;
- one spring plate (L), thickness 1.5 mm, see position in cross-section;
- 4 drive plates (H), alternating them with 4 driven plates (G), the last driven plate goes in last to complete the pack

One side of the steel plates are flat, and the other is rounded. What side faces the engine? I'm thinking the "flat" side faces the engine, and "rounded" side faces the pressure plate... just want to make sure.

And I got 3 steel plates that are thicker than the rest, I believe 2mm. Can those go anywhere in the middle of the stack?

I've found the steel plate with the punch in the middle and know that is placed as the 3rd steel plate going from the engine to pressure plate...so all good there.


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