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Originally Posted by Iwannaduc View Post
If you were going to go through all that trouble, why not just get one of these:

The Monster set up is probably the least problematic for what you are describing. A whole litany of different bars are available...particularly if you swap the risers to ones that will hold any of the Pro-Taper style bars available all over the web...that or you could go the Spiegler superbike bar route.....sean
Let's not forget that ROX offers a very wide breadth of risers that allow one to configure their bars into any number of positions .... up, forward, backward ... and far less money than the Spiegler offerings. The ROX stuff also accommodates "fat bars" and Pro Tapers as well by mounting a conversion riser set in 7/8" risers.

I've seen the BBB Fab support brace before, however I thought it was a custom fabbed piece, I wasn't aware of it being a commercially available item. Thanks!

Originally Posted by ducvet View Post
Early monster trees have the same adjustable steering stops as the SS and would be the easiest to convert, I use SS trees on my monster track bikes. Yes you will have more work to do to make it all work which brings me to the question... if you are turning your SS into a monster why not just trade into a monster? Same engine but better rear suspension design and a superbike looking chassis. You can run superbike bars or monster city tall bars depending in your fit.

I own both and think the SS is slightly better looking due to the classic fairing design but if you are removing the fairings you are doing to have a naked SS which while good is no longer as good looking as the classic monster and has few benefits overa monster at that point.

A customer just sold the bike you are building in that he had a shop Cafe out a 900CR with no fairings, tube bars and a monster round headlight . The customer bought it as his first Ducati but decided he wanted a less molested version so sold it.
So, sell the bike that I just bought, and buy a Monster? I haven't even ridden my SS yet. That makes no sense to me, sorry. I'd also point out that changing trees and bars is hardly "turning the SS into a Monster".

Let's remember that I am looking at options ... in case my neck issue won't work with the low handlebars of the SS. Also, "good looking" is a subjective issue.

If I sell my SS and buy a Monster ... then I'm no different ... no more unique ... than every other monkey's uncle that has a Monster. When you say "Superbike", are you referring to a Ducati "Superbike"? I don't see how that would get me any farther than what I already own. I'd still need to do something with the bars if my neck won't deal with the tucked in riding position.

Crucially, I don't have the money to uprate to a more recent model either. Besides, I prefer the air cooled engine.

Regarding the adjustable steering stops on the Monster triples, that's fine and all ... however Member *psyopper made mention of the offset of the Monster triples being 3mm shorter than the SS triples. So even though the Monster triples have "the same adjustable steering stops as the SS", there is 3mm less offset. Adjustable steering stops will not make up for that ... well, at least very much. That's why I asked about it.

I think we're getting off track here. It serves to remember that I may not need to change bars/triples at all. I'm simply looking ahead into possible options should I have problems with the low bars on the SS. And just because I happen to like the 1980s AMA Superbikes doesn't mean that is what I'm trying to do with my SS. Sure, I'm bound to be influenced and inspired by some of the aspects of those bikes, but having built a number of motorcycles and ATVs I know where the line is when it comes to making an apple out of a station wagon (as in attempting to do something so far beyond what a given bike's ethos is that it's a lost cause).

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the input from everyone so far. But unless the SS is so wrong for me that I simply cannot ride it at all, I've no intention of selling it and going on yet another hunt for a 1990s air cooled Monster in as good condition with as low miles on the OD as the SS/CR I bought. Things would have to be very (very!) wrong with the SS/CR before I even began to take selling it and buying a Monster into consideration.

I appreciate where your heart is in regards to your suggestions. I understand you've nothing but the best of intentions, and I sincerely appreciate that. Thanks very much for your willingness to help.

I'm still open to more suggestions, ideas, and any experiences from others.


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