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Originally Posted by Erics75218 View Post
BLARGH, this has stopped my progress, I am trying to redo some of my front end on the old project. I've loosened everything up, which I believe to be 3 punch bolts, and a "head" nut. I can't pull, pry or tap it off easily. I confess I could find a better "tap it off" setup than I'm using. The bike is on it's kickstand, I don't really have any way to elevate it. Perhaps a rearstand and a bottle jack under horizontal cyl? Any tips to get this bitch off would be greatly appreciated. :-)
You might need to loosen the lower triple clamp pinch bolts as well. The sticks could be in a ~bind~ (a little) ... especially with weight still on the front wheel.

Whatever you do, don't lose patience and begin banging on things. If you find that your temper is flaring up, take a break, watch a bit of TV, or perhaps do some searching on Tou Yube on the topic.

As far as lifting the front of the bike to get weight off of the front wheel .. I've no idea. In fact that is something I'd like to know about myself.

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