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Originally Posted by DarR View Post
DWC setting, DTC setting, gear, height, distance, speed etc.
Share your experiences here. Us kids want to know.
The Good :, Bad : and hopefully not Ugly :
Not sure if your post is specific to the 1260 , these are my thoughts for my 1015 1200

DWC=1, just enough to prevent disaster but allow some fun
DTC=3, kicks in when you need it but not too much intervention also doesnít show the yellow enduro light
Gear= 14 T front 40 (stock rear) most of the time, +1- 41 tooth rear in dirt mode (dirt road trips w/ TK-80's)
Height = (seating) low slung Corbin seat (suspension) good amount of front and rear preload added for ground clearance.
Distance = 42 K overall, some commuting, mostly weekend rides, some multi-day adventure rides, hand full of track days, a few 800 mile days.
Speed=about 135 max. lots of 90-120- top speed and jail are not my thing...
good= Love the bike all around it's been fantastic, most advanced machine in my driveway. Rapid bike rips.
Bad = I have spent too much on her..
Ugly = Well, kind the entire bike, it's something you need to fall in love with.

BTW, I herd more rumors about a V-4 Multi at the local dealer. I cut a deposit check on the spot , as soon as that comes out Iím all in.
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