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Originally Posted by Pard View Post
Good question. Not sure of the answer.

Found these threads with a quick search:

"The big difference I see is that they recommend warmers for the GP-A and they don't for the Q4. I question whether a rider would ever get the GP-A up to temp on the stree, where I think the Q4 would work great. Never used either one, so that's only an opinion based on reading the specs."


I rode gp racer 211 medium compound on the street. It's crazy sticky, but you have to play with the pressures and you need warm weather.
212 gp racer medium compound i rode on the track without warmers, two laps with decent tempo and it's ready to rock. But again, plenty mumbo jumbo with pressure (for the rear tyre).
I will use another rear 212 and afther that switch to supercorsa sc2.

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